Artist Statement:
What are you looking at when you look at one of my paintings? You are looking at how I react to water on a page/surface, and how I put down forms and color on the page. You are looking at a conversation I started on that page, reactions to gestures and an inner sense of how lighting works in nature and in the paintings I have seen, stored and processed in my mind. I am then sharing this intimate conversation with you the viewer to connect and continue the conversation in your personal perceptions and your inner self talk.
Each piece takes on its own atmosphere and personality. My art celebrates gesture, mark making, color and form. I hope this art invokes a sense of familiarity as well as curiosity.
Artist Bio:
R. Ashley Krohmal attended Alfred University where she completed a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics and Painting. Following graduation, Ashley pursued a ceramic internship in Nagano, Japan. She then went on to obtain an MBA from The Sage Colleges and a Masters of Science in Art Education from the College of Saint Rose, focusing primarily on abstract ceramic sculpture. Ashley is an avid outdoors explorer and her artwork captures aspects of landscape and abstraction, as well as an atmospheric quality that is often described as ethereal or spiritual.